A number of schools are involved with the government/city council recycling scheme.


The most efficient way to recycle is to sort at source.

Instead of collecting materials and donating them to a recycling company, count or weigh the materials collected, and receive a payment for the value. ($2 per kilo for aluminium, minimum).

How do I do this?

57 Children. See if the people in your street are recycling. Have three houses you check every week, and tell them their donation will help your school

Save all aluminium cans

They will be worth 10c each

Since the price for aluminium varies, they are sold when we can receive $5 per kilogram. We will therefore also pay you to store your cans.

If 5c-10c is paid for every can we collect, the payment is immediate. The cans then belong to us and we pay for storage.

Student are given street number to check weekly for recyclable materials. 

When we think we have enough to send to the recycling works, the government helps us organise transport by rail.

We aim to pay 10c per can, with $1 going to the household which collects them, $1 to the collector, and $1 to the school. This will mean we will have to find a sponsor who will pay 10c per can, but this need not be the brewery of soft drink maker who produced them.


We also want to organise a catering service for sporting events. The price will be $5 per seat, added to the ticket price, and for that the seat will be entitled to 2 cans of drink, and a couple of sandwiches. We will have students to collect the cans, and parents to make the sandwiches.








Rent $26

Price $300

Selling Trash Sacks
Soft Drinks
Sun Rice
Anchor Milk
Mainland Cheese

There is a recycling discussion board here:


You can discuss any matters related to recycling        and find or post links to other sites which are            involved with recycling in their own area.                                                                                             


Community Chest

    You work introduces a fingerprint scanner.





$1 will be paid on all plastic milk containers.

This levy will be charged by the milk Company who will deduct  6% and make a cheque for 94c for every milk container recycled available at the collection depot.



(Aluminium & Plastic)


57 Check house #57 on your street if there is one. Split the numbers with your friends so everyone is covered. See whether or not they recycle. Offer them $1 for 24 bottles or cans, and $1 per bag for plastics, paper &cardboard and steel tins squashed flat. (If they can't, tell them you will if they are clean.)

Ask if they can remove the labels from plastic milk containers. Arrange a day and time to collect the recycling materials.

Ask your school principal who the recycling officer is.

Find some parents who can organise transport an storage of what you collect.


Ask if they will accept monopoly money (credit)?

Keep a record, (you will need teams of two) of all the materials you collect, where it was from and how much monopoly money you owe. Tell them you will buy the monopoly money with real money if the scheme makes money.


Christmas Canceled !

Due to the economic recession 25th December 2010 will be a normal work day.

Christmas celebrations will be on December 28th, which is a Tuesday.

In fact relief work will soon be available.

You save $240 by canceling all Christmas celebrations this year.

With luck the government will provide keen unemployed with a chance to earn additional income, sorting rubbish on a Monday morning.

Save $20 per month for 10 years

 Yeah Right  !   See details here:          
No details yet!        

Otamarakau Primary School
Has a fishing competition every Easter. They also have an annual dirt bike race to raise funds for the school. It also has a school hall. Pongakawa Primary School has volunteered to organise a party in the hall next Easter to coincide with the Tauranga Jazz festival. They are hoping to find some way to bring people by train from Tauranga, and they will be selling tickets to the prize giving. Watch this space.


There is a huge problem internationally for people to find enough food to eat.


The control of global commodities, from milk powder to protein substitutes such as corn is a fascinating one.
Read about the story of the Corn trade and how a humble grain became a famous breakfast cereal.


 A song of the strong


Yellow perils


The control of girls

or follow the white rabbit:    Easter   



Earn $200,000.00 p.a.

Selling Software

Two students from Te Puke High School can    earn $200,000 selling my timing system for the P.C. All  they need do is contact me by txting "White Rabbits" to 027-21-567-42.

The software comes pre-installed with the Mozilla Firefox web browser and Java. They must learn enough to answer all questions correctly, and persuade parents to part with $2,009 to license their software. It has a lifetime guarantee.


Maketu Primary School
Paper and cardboard.
Has a big bin where you can leave any newspapers, cardboard when you visit the school. Count the material before you drop it in. (Roughly count it. A banana box, if you know what that is, is about $1 worth.)

Paengaroa Primary School
Aluminium cans.
Has a big bin where people leave their cans, and the recycling man takes it away for free! Instead of doing this, squash then flat and put them is "Trash Sacks", paper bags which you can buy from the supermarket. Ask the recycling officer if he or she can arrange a 6% discount if the school buys 100 bags.

Pongakawa Primary School
Discussion Board
Plastic milk containers.
Pongakawa has a bin where people leave their plastic milk bottles. Instead of this, which is better than throwing them in the rubbish or burning them, squash them flat and put them in supermarket plastic bags. You will get about 6-9 in a bag. Remove labels and caps. (Labels can be removed with a bit of hot water.)  Find someone who can store them, and find out where the plastic recyclers takes their bottles. Your school recycling officer will talk to other schools, and find out the best price for large quantities. Keep a record of which house donated what, and find out whether the local council has a recycling day.

Otamarakau Primary School
Glass bottles.
Has a bin for cans, but no way to recycle bottles. Is out in the sticks, so transport is expensive and impractical. This creates a problem and calls for some thinking. Te Puke is thinking of creating a recycling centre similar to the Te Maunga one operated by the Western Bay of Plenty District Council.

Pukehina Primary School
Steel tins.
Same as Otamarakau. These schools are just co-ordinating centres, so people know who to ask for the solution. There is one school which co-ordinates all the hub schools.

Waitangi (Rangiuru) Primary School.
The recycling officer here is your resource for the answers, unfortunately the principal hasn't appointed a recycling officer yet.

Papamoa Primary School
Batteries, Aerosol cans, Light bulbs, & Hazardous materials.
This school employs a full time fund raiser. It mostly means gala days where parents can come and buy thing from other parents. Patience and money is running out. It is time for large corporations to buy some goodwill by sponsoring the recycling effort before future generations are buried in the rubbish we are creating.

Te Puke Intermediate School
 Have no defined role yet but if somebody would leave a post on the bulletin board,
somebody will reply or contact you.

Te Puke High School
  Same applies as the Intermediate school.


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