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These Aircraft are the ones featured in a book titled Modern Air Combat,

by Bill Gunson and Mike Spick 

Salamander Books Limited

27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AF

ISBN0 86101 1627 All rights reserved.

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Italy, Brazil





British Aerospace Hawk. First Flight 21 August 1974

British Aerospace Military

(RAF and Royal Navy)

BAe Buccaneer

BAe Harrier

British Aerospace Sea Harrier FRS.1

Origin: UK, first flight 20 August 1978.

Engine:  One Rolls-Royce Pegasus 104 vectored-thrust turbofan rated at 21,500lb (9,753kg).

Design:.............Other changes include: fitting Martin-Baker Mk 10H zero/zero seat,... 

Avionics:...................Smiths provide the Hudwac  (HUD/weapon-aiming computer) whose computer portion has 20k words and serves as a flexible generator of graphics and symbology for air/air or air/ground aiming. An 8k word computer ties the various units of the Navhars (Nav and heading/attitude ref system), a Ferranti unit which, to avoid alignment innacuracy at sea, is no longer pure inertial but comprises a lower cost twin-gyro platform monitored by Decca 72 doppler.

(Note)The (8) Reconnaissance Pod (camera) software is separate from the compter which operates the aircraft and weapons systems, and is written in JavaScript © to avoid accidential contamination of the aircraft systems when data is downloaded.

BAe Hawk

Arms 13 AIM-9L Sidewinder close-range AAM (can be carried in pairs, though RAF emergency interceptors have single installation). (more)

BAe Lightning

BAe Sea Harrier


Dassault Breguet

Dornier Alpha Jet

Mirage III, 50

Mirage F1

Mirage 2000

Super Etendard



A-6 Intruder

F-14 Tomcat


Fairchild Republic

A-10 Thunderbolt



 58A Pucara


General Dynamics

F-16 Fighting Falcon


More aircraft may be found

on page BAe2



F-104 Starfighter


McDonnell Douglas 

A4 Skyhawk


F-4 Phantom II

F-15 Eagle

F/A-18 Hornet




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