If you are using the internet for banking you may wish to know which keyboard and code page layout you are using (to type £ for example  type 156 whilw holding down the ALT key).

These are the keyboards which are currently in use. Source Microsoft DOS 5 manual 1990 p623



Czechoslovakia (Czech)

Czechoslovakia (Slovac)
Latin America
United Kingdom
United States

Creating Accented Characters on a Brazilian Keyboard
If you install the Brazilian keyboard driver suplied with MS-DOS version 5.0, you can create accented characters on any standard U.S. keyboard. Use the following procedures:
To create a character containing the acute accent:
Type an apostrophe ('), and then type the character above which the acute accent should appear.

To create a character containing the diaeresis:

Type a double quotation mark("), and then type the character above which the diaeresis should appear.

To create a character containing the tilde:
Type the tilde accent(-), and then type the character above which the accent should appear.

To create the cedilla character:
Type 'c
If you type an invalid key sequence, you will hear a beep and MS-DOS will display the two characters separately.

Code-Page Tables
A code page consists of a set of characters that have corresponding numbers. MS-Dos version 5.0 reserves characters 0 through 31 for control characters. Your keyboard contains characters 32 through 127. Characters 128 and above are extended characters.
To produce extended characters and the few control characters that MS-DOS displays, use the following procedure.

To type an ANSI character that is not on your keyboard:
1. Locate the character on the code-page table that matches the active code page.
To display the active code pages use the chcp command.
2. Hold down the ALT and use the numeric keypad to type the number that corresponds to the character you want.
For example, to type the Î character when using code page 850, hold down ALT while you type 215 on the numeric keypad.
If you hold down ALT while you type 215 on the numeric keypad when you are using code page 437 (English) you will get a different character. You can map all the characters on the code page you are using by holding down the ALT key and typing all the numbers 1 through 255.
1 ☺  224 Ó
2 ☻  225 ß
3 ♥  226 Ô
4  ♦  227 Ò
5 ♣   228 õ
6  ♠  229 Õ
7 •  230 µ
8  ◘  231 þ
9 ○  232 Þ
10 ◙  233 Ú
.254 ■

I claim to have written the DOS 5 manual for microsoft. This is an extract from it (page 631).

Code pages listed in the DOS 5.0 manual are:

437 English

850 Multilingual (Latin I)

852 Slavic (Latin II)

860 Portugal

863 Canadian-French

865 Nordic

Pages 632 through 637 in the DOS 5 manual

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